Blood: One Unit Whole Blood User Map ‘Soul Harvest’



Title                 : Soul Harvest

Filename              :

Mapname               :  Soul Harvest

Author                : Duke64Nukem (Sixty Four/ Turok 64/ 64Doom)

E-mail                :

Web Page              :

Hometown      ://
Description           : Soul Harvest is my first Blood map. Its the first part of my episode Blood64. There will be more maps over time.Harvest the souls of the evil, Caleb is ready to spill some Blood. Is there more darkness? We’re used to that. We live in it. He has something for you and he’s going to teach ya. xD
Secrets               : 2 Secrets one Super Secret
Additional Credits to :

Nyyssonen for his guides and direct help in Blood mapping.

KnukeBlood’s Guides

BME’s Guides

Red Fogsx for helping me test the map in co op.

Jay Doomed for some testing and support. for having tools

The Tool Ini Mini.

Blood map Browser tool

** Play Information **
Episode and Level     : User Level

Single Player         : Yes

Cooperative           : Yes

Bloodbath Level       : Yes

Difficulty Settings   : Yes

Monsters              : Yes

New Graphics          : No

New Music             : No

New Sound FX          : No

Demos Replaced        : No
** Construction **
Base                  :  From scratch

Editor(s) used        : MAP EDIT/ Blood Map Browser

Build Time      : 2 weeks

Known Bugs            : n/a


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