This place is just for fun and for posting some fun stuff that I like such as my maps I make for Duke 3D, Turok, photoshop/art, collective stuff, random blogs, interviews, and game reviews of games I enjoy. My favorite games are Turok and Duke Nukem I have played them both since 97′. This is my floor but I can’t tell if we are 64 floors up or down so don’t ask :s

Level Designer/Creator of Turok Forums.

I am a mapper in anything from Duke Nukem 3D to Udk4 I am still in learning with the latter though. Level design is one of my passions.

The Turok Forums were created because it was hard for me to find Turok fans and I didn’t feel there was one place for all the fans to meet. That made me feel motivated to create a place and hope there are other fans out there. Then we could discuss anything about Turok. Talking about it on other forums was not enough for me so yes I created the forum but my members own it.






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