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Primal Rage Review

Primal Rage is a classic arcade tournament fighter. The moment you turn this game on the sounds and music will pull you into its atmosphere right away. Primal Rage is one of my favorite arcade tournament fighters and it also… Read More ›

Prey Review

Introduction: Prey is a strange game, a very strange game published by 3D Realms and developed by Human Head Studios. You take the role of Domasi “Tommy”¬†Tawodi a Native American living on a reserve in a modern day. I am… Read More ›

Doom 2016 Review

Introduction: Get ready to rumble in the depths of hell and Mars as Doom makes its attempt at a return to the throne of fps games. There was quite an emotional stir with all the bad reviews from the multiplayer… Read More ›

Bombshell Review

Introduction/Story: This is 3D Realms first game in awhile and first game under the newly launched 3DR. The game Bombshell was originally teased as “Duke Nukem : Mass Destruction” but due to confusion in rights Gearbox pulled the plug on… Read More ›