My Maps

Maps I have made.

Diddy Kong Racing Custom Track Sunfire Sanctum

================================================================ Title : Sunfire Sanctum Date Completed : 5-6-18 Filename : Sunfire.xdelta Author : Sixty Four Email Address : Misc. Author Info : I used original Doom textures from Doom 64 and worked with GZDoom Builder to create the layout… Read More ›

Winter Turok -Turok Dinosaur Hunter Mod/Map

Turok Sanctum Post and Info/download: Turok Sanctum Download: Turok Forums Release Thread: Steam Download: Info: I got inspiration from the two winter maps that were made this year. I didn’t have plans to make something. I recorded the Iced… Read More ›

B464 Map for Doom

Download: Turok 2 version: /*B464 How to play Important There are two version inside my zip. The one named b464.wad can be launched through gzdoom or zandronum 3.0 b464bd64.wad is for brutal doom 64 only. This is made to work… Read More ›