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Turok Banjo Hunter WIP

I started this mod awhile back and I got motivated to get back into it recently. Before I had ported Spiral Mountain and Mumbo’s Mountain long ago, but today I started by porting Bubblegloop Swamp.      

Winter Turok -Turok Dinosaur Hunter Mod/Map

Turok Sanctum Post and Info/download: https://turoksanctum.com/winter-turok/ Turok Sanctum Download: https://turoksanctum.com/download/winter-turok/ Turok Forums Release Thread: http://www.turokforums.com/t1-moddinguser-content/(release)-winter-turok/ Steam Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1244246522 Info: I got inspiration from the two winter maps that were made this year. I didn’t have plans to make something. I recorded the Iced… Read More ›