Rise of the Triad Review


Rise Of the Triad 2013

Quick review:
Also known as ROTT whether it is the Classic Version (also available on gog.com ) or the 2013 version, this game is a total bad ass. Interceptor made a remake of the classic and this game is Duke approved. With a 90’s taste plus some fresh flavor mixed up this game is very fun. With this game you can have some classic alone time with the single player or kick some ass classical style on the multiplayer deathmatch modes

Single Player:

Single player is very fun I can actually sit back and enjoy it. Most games these days I just don’t feel that personal connection with anymore.There’s a lot of action, you won’t get bored with many explosive weapons to choose from, bunches of enemies to take care of, and not to mention bosses. The gore is very high but has settings to change the level of it like the old games had. But this single player story also has its share of puzzles, bounce pads, and keys to unlock doors. This is very similar to the 90’s FPS style. Also, it has a choice of different characters to play the single player as and each of them having their own little punchlines during the game. Best one I heard was “You really did suck it down”.

Ludicrous! is how I can describe this mp in one word. There are mostly explosives in this game. So much that it nearly renders the bullet weapons useless to try. The shotgun can do some good damage though, especially with its alternate fire. But this game is mostly about its explosives and leaving bits of pieces of your enemy on the floor, in the air, and an the camera. So don’t be surprised when eyeballs splat on your screen.

A new patch was released for Rott with many fixes and the heavily requested saving system. Now you can save in any part of the level, although I prefer not to. As a big part of their latest update patch, the LDK (Ludicrous Develepmont Kit) has been made available.Very cool that we can build our own maps and just launch them right through the game itself. Plus now with another update it adds an all new weapon the “Doomstick” a shotgun!




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