PainKiller H&D Review


Taking the role of an original character from the Painkiller series Daniel Garner is back better then ever with a heavy arsenal. A cool fact is that the voice of Duke Nukem Jon St. John voice acts for Daniel Garner and he really adds to the characters outlook, emotions, and personality. In a new fps world ran by assault rifles and pulse rifles Painkiller HD really stands out with some really nice weapons that have alternate firing options. The RPG/Minigun is one that will grab a hold of you quickly but the painkillers soul collector is one that will take even your soul. Most of the levels are better looking remakes of the levels seen in Painkiller Black(the first game of the series), to add a twist to nostalgia. This game also includes a multiplayer. With a very fun co op feature and a death match mode that is actually well done with a Duke Nukem/Doom/Quake type of feeling. No auto aim soft locks and bad ass weapons where strafing matters and bunny hops help. Not to mention it has a ton of DLC’s to further the experiences in multiplayer and single player, a steam workshop with custom maps for different modes, and with the purchase of the game the level editor(PDK) is included.


This time the game gets more involved with a story line but certainly doesn’t take away from game play! Daniel lost his wife in a tragic accident and is now in a deal with the reaper (Satan). If he can collect enough souls for him he is promised to be reunited with his wife. There is also another female named Eve which is kind of Daniels guardian she tries to warn Daniel that he is doing everything for nothing I might add that she is pretty hot looking to. Daniel will stop at nothing to get back to his beloved take control of him in exploding the dead, shattering bones, cracking skulls, and defeating the biggest of demons to clear a path Heavens hitman is back. One of the bosses was a giant dragon/demon I don’t think I will be forgetting that battle anytime soon. The same can be said for this game!


Check out some bad ass clips I put together of the game with some Painkiller themes playing over it




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