Duke Nukem 64 (mod) Review

dn64 menu

Duke Nukem 64 is essentially the same game we all know and love in Duke 3D. But in this port Duke has more of a “Come get some” attitude, less about sex and more of the hardcore ass kicking hero that saves our babes. Not to mention some of the weapons Duke is strapped with have been upgraded/replaced. A plasma cannon that surprisingly makes up for not being a freezer is one scary weapon, another is the grenade launcher that is very similar to the grenade launcher seen in Shadow Warrior. There is also some alternative ammunition’s such as dum dum bullets for the pistol, explosive shotgun shells for the shotgun, and heat seeking missles for your newly looking Missle launcher. Don’t even make me mention how you can save the babes now instead of having to kill them you save them and there is a counter for the number of babes you saved after each level.

dn64shottibabesaedwmplayer 2015-01-09 00-59-31-98

DN64 wasn’t just stripped and censored then released to make some money real fast, the extra violence extra arsenal and guns store make up for the lack of sexual acts/scenes/phrases. The port has much to offer some of the levels have been altered/upgraded, it is amazing some of the small additions to these maps yet they somehow stayed in the area where the Duke Nukem 3D player will still know where to go.  My personal favorite is “Rabid Transit” this level is so much better then the original it’s not even funny. When this first released I was instantly hooked and to this day I still haven’t found one that I could say I enjoy better then this game.

The missing episode, episode 4 wasn’t included and I think that’s okay episodes 1-3 are much better and there are parts of it within the game for instance a part of the level “pigsty” is included into the level freeway as part of it’s big new secret area. This game packed a huge punch, a punch big enough to Nuke something.

Although the mod did not have duke bots or the original games local multiplayer it is a blast playing this, it’s easy to look over that when you are shotgunning pigs explosive style again and don’t have to plug up the old N64 to do so. Also, the fact that it’s hooked up with eduke32 easily makes up for that loss as well since now you can even play user maps and even build user maps for it. “Dream come true!”



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