DN64 Revisited


Requires Eduke32

This is a mini episode where you go back to some of the Duke Nukem 64 DM only maps except this time Duke is in for a little surprise!

Story: Duke 3D, Duke64, and DNF were all hanging drinking beers and playing cards. Suddenly when Dukes babes came in more of them flocked to Duke64. DN64 said what you expect I save the babes and kick ass I have been in your shoes before you haven’t been in mine. So Duke 3D got pissed took some steroids and screamed arghhhhhhhh at 64. As he reached for his pistol, shotgun, and chaingun he loaded the clips and said what do I got to do around here. DNF suggests that the 3 settle it in a Duke match on a DN64 map. Duke 3D turned the portal on and jumped to Dukenstein. Things went wrong from there the portal got hacked when it entered the realm. They couldn’t bring there buddy back or go join him with the portal down. So now it’s up to him to make it back

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k9nm7xnktdfs1a6/DN64Revisited.rar

Categories: Duke Nukem, My Maps, News

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