Forest Sci-Fi level in the UDK4 engine (Free Spirit)

These pictures are the very first area I built since recently getting back into UDK 4 so that means the first this year. Its also pretty much a test/practice map to get back into the groove plus learn more then before. This level turned out much better then I thought it would.

It is a forest/jungle with some Sci-Fi theme blended into it. Its a different dimension where fantasy, reptiles, magic, and mythology might make sense.





In basic you would have to collect the 3 crystal keys in this map and ignite the magic power which would activate the portal.






Going for a 90’s style of map looks and feel. Picture going anywhere you need to go in the level with no load points.



I still have to work further on this map above with lighting and the clean up touches most of it wouldn’t be considered done not even to me. But I thought I would show an early go from me before I go any further.  Thanks for checking it out, i’m diving deeper into this engine.







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