[Release] Vital Fluid


A Doom 64 EX user map



Doomguy has intel that the demons are using blood to power one of there bases with enough blood and souls they are planning to open the portal to Hell once more. Doomguy knows what to do next. Kill them all and make a brutal get away. Its safe to say the fluid is very vital for the demons. Don’t worry about the blood someone else will clean it up.


This is my first Doom map so there was quite a bit of learning things involved on this one it wasn’t actually suppose to turn into something. I am ready to move to the next one now since i’m more familiar with the editor. But I tried to give this one some spice I think its pretty decent but what do I know. I tried to keep it somewhat on the simple side yet add some additional detail.

It was fun to learn how it works and seeing the differences between eduke32 and doombuilder was interesting. There shall be more!



6-27-16 Updated the map fixed switches and color coordinated torches to match the key color for doors.

7-3-16 Updated all switches fixed additional health and ammo.

2016-06-24 (14)

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