How to make the Doom Snapmap weapon Wheel work.

First place a “player loadout” next to your player start. It is in the section titles “Player & Team”
Looks like this


Well then go into the settings of it by pressing x on the icon and change your settings how you want including choosing the weapons you want to start with.

“Max Weapon Slots”

“Weapon List”


Now press G on your character and connect the node ” on spawned” to the “player loadout” icon and choose “set max weapon slots”. You also want to connect your characters “on spawned” to the player loadout again and choose “Give Loadout” As seen in these two pics.



Last but not least go into settings and go into keyboard/bindings settings. And set Q as your weapon wheel. By default weapon wheel is set to mouse up and down which won’t work. We must change it to your desired key for it to work.


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