This is a wad for Doom 64 EX only and it features Turok textures in a Doom 64 world. It is only one level here so far… It is a Hub type of map to kind of be like the Hub Ruins but only inspired by (not to replicate).

Story: Doom Guy is summoned to take on a mixture of Doom and Turok worlds. Hell is starting to take over The Lost Land at a fast rate and Doom Guy’s got to wipe the demons out while Turok is busy with Turok 2.


Direct Download:

Filename : Doomy_Turok.wad
Release date : 8-9-2016

doomrok map

I will most likely be adding to this wad and also inviting others to make levels for the wad 🙂 Maybe “DOOMROK : The Lost Land Chronicles” or something.


Altar of Turok

2016-08-09 (3)


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