Doomed Sky Bound

I accept my fate, my position as the accepted unacceptable has become known. And sometimes things are heavy…When you are against all odds you feel Doomed. But are we?


I look forward and I see a dark hallway at least its empty-

Sometimes I see ridiculous things when the world is trying to tempt me-

I have lost my cool in the past, I know where it leads-

The things I thought I knew as one, I watch as it bleeds-

Each drop drains me more until the core is cold- I sit I watch the birds they fly-

the stories they have already been told- as the time went by-

The power the feel it gives me a cold spine-

Should I rewind? Go back in time?

When I was young a young gun-

No worries not a care- My pride was strong not a tear-

You have to slice through the lies we been taught-

Its still a crime if you don’t get caught- I learned and it burned- the world turned-

I’m different I found somethings I love and care about-

Did I change am I the same can’t be no doubt-

The world turns upside down- I look at it different i’m sky bound.


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