Turok 2 Mapping/ Mod Guide How to get a mp map modded into the game

First thing we need: You will need common.txt, hubinfo.txt, and mapinfo.txt from the game.kpf extra these out of the ‘defs’ folder

Step 1:

Open Common.txt : You need to give your level a number to define it so the engine knows what it is.

So Find this

// Level defines


And define your level, lets use my mp map Caverns for example.


#define kLevel_MP_Cavern1            500


It can be any number as long as it isn’t used. Be sure the number you use isn’t already defined.


Step 2:

Open Hubinfo.txt This will define what type of level it is. (Cinematic, sp level, or mp, level etc etc)

Find at the bottom:


Here you need to define your level the same way you did in the common.txt

Using Caverns as an example again:

level_8        kLevel_MP_Cavern1

Step 3:

Open Mapinfo.txt

This also defines where and what type the map is. It also defines where to find the map in the directory along with draw distance and what the map name will be on the server.

Once again locate Multiplayer:


Cavern example:

Level kLevel_MP_Cavern1 { saturation_color “0.001 0.03 0.02” saturation_power 1.5 maxZDrawDistance 2000.0 scriptFile “scripts/map/generic_script.txt” levelFile “levels/mp/Cavern-1.map” levelName “Caverns” }


Now your map will work if you follow these 3 steps considering everything is good to go on your mp map.



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