Blood: One Unit Whole Blood Editor User Map WIP


I started on a Blood map today with some motivation from Doomed. Its only the start of the map as I spent lot of time reading hotkeys and setting up test play and gathering some tools. I will share links to the tools I use soon. To make a Blood map was always one of my goals. So here we go the map has no name yet. Its going to feature some indoor and outdoors the layout is not done either hopeful to make big progress on this by Friday. Being so familiar with Duke Nukem 3D’s editor is bound to help.



Map now features:
Raise and lower doors
Room over Room
Exploding walls

Not much building mostly learning how the effects work out. Here’s a preview.



Don’t worry the map will get a name soon lol. But here is the current progress of this map now the layout is very close to done. Time to build gameplay and more inner details. The map will be SP, Co op, and Bloodbath (DM).

Better view of the room over room



The map is now able to be completed and a lot more details have been added. All the doors are set up with keys and everything. I have a few respawning enemies. Gameplay is fully set up now.

More Updates Coming……



I made lots of progress on the map its an alpha version right now and I play tested co op. And it worked very well I must say.

Here’s the map progress. Its very close to being done. But I will apply a final layer of details and lighting/shading!

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