Tommygun Mod in Turok 2 Blood Inspired

I have been on a One Unit Whole Blood spree lately. I made a map there and I’ve already started a second map. So I got to thinking lets try and add my favorite weapon from Blood into Turok! So this is inspired by the Blood Tommygun and one of my favorite games there. And its not quite done yet stating the obvious. But there is still other minor details I must work out. Like a new firing sound and a new particle, and icons. I’ll release the full version soon.

As for the animation, I used the shotgun anim file and made a script for it to modify how the anim works and started trying to match it up to how a Tommy would shoot, its a work around to try and get the best match. If an anim tool becomes available, that would be awesome and helpful for a faster easier result.

To do:

Finish Ammo pick up

Ammo Icon

New Firing Sound

New Particle

Alt Ammo set up

Create a generator spawn for it to work in mp

Choose a different local message and adon voice on pick up (tommygun weapon)

Place the generator pick ups in mp maps


I broadcasted this live on twitch and downloaded the video, excuse the bad quality.


Update 8-27-17

Now has weapon icon and you can see the ammo pick up almost there its not 100% done in the files yet. You can pick it up though.

Weapon SP pickup and it works. I also got closer to finishing the ammo! It now can be picked up and it adds the correct amount of ammo back into the tommy drum=50 ammo. I’ll have to edit the tommydrum ammo icon some but its in start.

Update: 8/28/17

Now displays correct text when picking up the weapon and ammo. The weapon pick up is Tommygun and the ammo is Tommy Drum.

There is now spawners for mp and sp pick ups for weapon and ammo.

There’s a special pick up sound for the weapon šŸ˜‰

Works in MP

messing around with ALT ammo put plasma rifle shots as alt just to see it in action lol. I’ll change it later.

Update 8/29/17: Just some photos

Generator pickup in mp

When you die its cool to see me drop the weapon.

Update 8-30-17

There’s going to be a little surprise to go with this release šŸ˜‰

Thanks Behemoth for helping me understand how to edit a models material better. It worked and my transparent textures can now work! Understanding editing those some, that will help for future plans also.

Update 8-31-17

Finished the level its a Doom version of Blood One Unit Whole Blood’s “Cradle To Grave”.

Release beta tomorrow?


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