B464 Map for Doom

Download: https://turoksanctum.com/download/b4d64/

Turok 2 version: https://turoksanctum.com/turok-lives-again/

/*B464 How to play Important
There are two version inside my zip. The one named b464.wad can be launched through gzdoom or zandronum 3.0
b464bd64.wad is for brutal doom 64 only. This is made to work with the latest gzdoom and zandronum 3.0. If you launch on Brutal Doom 64 V2 choose to skip intro.

Demon Bones turned to blood and dust and slipped like hourglass sand through
Doomguys hands. This is a strange place a dark place, yet familiar.
Some entitiy is here, its been here.
The last battle flashes to mind- like dark forces pulling within.
Wiping the blood off the shotgun’s muzzle and preparing for another was the only option.

Made this map quite quickly and then exported the level
and added it into Turok 2. Which also has its own sp version on the same map.
I was making this for Doom 2 but quickly realized how nice Blood textures
would fit with Doom 64. Brutal Doom 64 version has some flaws still.



Music is from Blood 2

Blood resource pack textures from :

Doom 64 retribution resources the mod can be found here:

Kaiser because I’m sure he’s in this somewhere heh!

Anyone who is involved in making these tools.

Kill! Doom 64 Guy Lives agaiin!!

I made a progress document while making this if you’re interested. https://duke64nukem.com/2017/09/25/my-doomturok-sp-user-map-conversion/

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