One Unit Whole Blood user map (wip post)

So if you played my first Blood map “Soul Harvest” on dosbox you may of seen a level 2 teaser at the end. Well this is that level here. And I decided to start working on it and spend a little more time on it this time around. On this post I will update it as I go so check back time to time if you’re interested.

I’m going for an orangish sanctum with hellish lava exteriors. (I may regret going with lights and pal 9 we shall see)

Day 1 Start Date 2-18-18: 

I’m still trying to find the right texture to break the blends of my colors and textures. Probably come closer to the end of the map.

I made a pretty decent interior area but ended the day with the start of one of the exterior areas. This will form into something else next.

Update 2-20-18 Day 2

I’ve still got to find that texture to break the blend but look at the layout.

Its hot as hell

I need to add more detail to the outer trim of the exterior area and add much more accessible cliffs around the area. How about a cave in one of the walls that you can only reach by jumping into from the cliff.

Current progress

Update 2-21-18 Day 3: 

Didn’t get enough time to sit down with it about 45 minutes total :/ But I added some more details around the map. Just some touches that I will go over again later even.

I think I should put some more focus on the interior areas the next day. More pillars more interior architecture.

Update 3-4-18

Finally got back to this today. I have been playing lots of bloodbath mp. I touched some things up in the map here today started connecting the map more and trying to finish the base foundation of the map.

There’s a corridor at the bottom of the grid that I want to lead to another section of the map. Lets do that interior style.


Updates coming soon:

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