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6-4-20: Increased wall limit to 2.3k

The Idea: We want to make a map that doesn’t have one theme or style. We want to make an episode really shortened into a form of a map, St1llWanted has given this idea a name its a ‘mapisode’. That means each mapper has to make a section that has a portal leading to the next area. This means you can create your section at your own will and style/choice. Whatever you want. There is a wall limit though. We need to save room for any potential joiners and the boss/hub area. I also don’t want any order, most portals will be open to travel at any time, depending how many we get.

Wall limit/Sprite Limit: 2.3k wall limit and go easy on the sprites be reasonable try to keep sprites around 2k also.

Progression: Each section needs a teleport for an exit in order to get back to the hub. You can create your own themed portal to get back or simply paste mine whatever you like. But it needs a portal to get back to the hub for progression. I wanted to at least give the option if a mapper wanted to create there own portal to match in with there theme.

Build your own: Choose your own style of choice do whatever you want. Keep it smaller scaled, don’t go all out because we need to preserve walls. The challenge is to create within your limited space though. A section of a map.

*No Jetpacks

Hub area: There will be a main hub area that has portals to each of our areas. This hub will also have a door that unlocks by collecting keys from the areas. Depending on how many mappers commit things have to take shape.

Boss area: Depending on how many mappers commit, the boss area could even end up as someones area, if they wanted it. If not we will create a boss area and everyone is welcome to add ‘some’ additions to the boss area with correspondence. That way everyone can work on a piece of the boss area.. if it doesn’t mess up the flow and pace of the fight. Only if you want to try adding to it. We can have our own set small areas in the boss fight only if you want to. This will be handled last though.


St1llwanted: Grey Portal: tags: 666-765 Map Type: Optical Illusion Type

ck3D: Orange Portal: tags: 100-299 Map Type: Alien World

Starcraft: Blue Portal: tags: 300-399 Map Type: Space Type

Jmw: Green Portal: tags: 400-499 Map Type: Alien Temple

Sixty four: Hub Area: tags: 1-99 Map Type: Ancient Interior

bullerbuller_7: Possibly Interested

William Gee: Possibly Interested

Hub Area Early Example 5-8-2020: Each portal will go to our sections. I will have more portals if needed.

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  1. I started poking around…seems like I remember the editor.


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