Frosty Lake

Author: Sixty Four

Date: 12-25-21

Category: DKR-Levels

Level: Ancient Lake



Title : Frosty Lake
Date Completed : 12-24-21
Filename : frostylake-64.xdelta
Replaces Level: Ancient Lake
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address :

Description :
A new level I made with the short amount of time I have at the moment.
I really just wanted to make something quickly for fun for xmas.

I will most likely add this into Timber’s Day off in the end.

Additional Credits1 :

SubDrag for creating the editor and original work.
RedFogsx for the music suggestion.
Rareware and its individuals for making these amazing games.

  • Play Information *

Race Type: : Standard
Adventure Mode : Yes
Tracks Mode : Yes
Silver Coin Challenge : Yes
New Sound : Yes
New Music : Yes -Harvest Moon – Back to Nature: Winter. Remix (i added drums and tempo change)
New Textures : No
Vehicle(s) : Car
N64 Compatible : Yes

  • Construction *

Base : All new levels from scratch
Editors Used: GoldenEye Setup Editor, Blender
Known Bugs :

Important Notes : Report any bugs you can find thanks.

Installation : Apply a xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice of software or N64 console.

Categories: Diddy Kong Racing, My Maps

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