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*Needs Nuclear Winter expansion** Story : Duke64 never had his Holiday, there was no expansion pack for it so he is mad as hail and calls Duke 3D and tells him he is a lucky son of an arghhhhh for… Read More ›

Turok 2

This map was mostly inspired by the level “Catacombs” in Turok Dinosaur Hunter on the N64. 2nd map in my Turok series and Turok 3 coming soon. You can actually see a piece of Turok 3 at the ending of… Read More ›


I built this map with many inspirations from the game Painkiller level 1 the cemetery. Happy Halloween! The megaton version is different from the eduke32 version for fps control for those with slower pcs. For the all out version try… Read More ›

Forever Doom

This map is a Doom tribute/dedication and the design was mainly inspired by Doom 3 although nothing is exact. I also have added some surprises which include a few of my personal favorite areas from Doom 1 knee deep in… Read More ›