Turok 2

Turok2This map was mostly inspired by the level “Catacombs” in Turok Dinosaur Hunter on the N64. 2nd map in my Turok series and Turok 3 coming soon. You can actually see a piece of Turok 3 at the ending of this level.

Story: Duke continues his journey right where he left off in Turok 1. Now Duke must find his way inside of Turok’s sacred temple, beware the temple and it’s surroundings have been said to be heavily guarded by monsters since the disappearance of Turok. Luckily Duke is heavily strapped and ready for action. “It’s Time to make tracks”

Duke Nukem Dinosaur Hunter level 2

Single player co op and dm is supported for 8 players

Tester: bullerbuller7

Music: Turok Dinosaur Hunter “The Campaigner’s Fortress”

Categories: Duke Nukem, My Maps, Turok

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