Doom 2016 “Hellfire64” (Snapmap level)

A level that is hot. While building this I kept thinking about how “its dark and hell is hot”. There are a lot of ambushes and various enemies carefully placed. You will have to most likely clear rooms to proceed and find the keycards. I used the classic keycards. I thought that was really cool that we can add the old models for that. The map to me is a classic layout where you will be bypassing the same areas and backtracking while picking up keycards to access doors that you passed earlier on. While going back to them just be aware that its most likely not safe 😉

If you would like to play this level follow the info below.

Map Title: Hellfire64


Here are some photos of the level.





And if you really want to spoil it here is a video of  meplaying through it.

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