Arcade Turok (Turok 08 Mod)

Arcade Turok graph

This is a project I am working on over time. It started just because I wanted to make Turok move faster but evolved into a little more then that. Its generally the same game but with little tweaks to change the game into more of an arcade feel. After making it faster I realized how I don’t like hiding behind rocks when the enemy soldiers are around. I want to be able to run n gun and blast them away however I please without just dying whenever I peek out from hiding.  I removed some of the knife glory kills to make it more action packed you will have to actually take them out instead of pressing one button to dispose of them. This is especially for the raptors, because I want to fight the raptors while moving fast and not just take them out with the stealth knife kill. There are still minor kinks that I am working out but its really coming together.


I have change list notes to while its not the official change list this is the rough draft that I add to each time I change something so I can keep note of it.

Change list

Adjusted- Turoks groundspeed – (faster movement)
Adjusted- gravity – jump higher and farther.
Adjusted- Turoks health – Takes more damage- Makes hiding behind rocks pointless
Removed- stealth kill window/knife glory kill Must add it back in for lurkers and smaller dinos as the knife can’t reach them. 
Adjusted- knife on screen position- see more of the knife
Adjusted- knife common attacks – much more powerful
Adjusted- Tekbow- more power, quicker fire rate
Removed- procedural weapon bobbing. *Missed the pulse rifle
Adjusted- human npc levels – slower and less health
Adjusted- raptors maul- created a larger time lapse between how many times a raptor mauls you.
Adjusted- raptor attack amounts- now 5 raptors will attack you at once instead of 3.
Adjusted- Comm voice repeat- We won’t hear our friendly soldiers saying “c’mon this way” 100 times while we explore.
Adjusted- minimum framerate from 30 to 60
Adjusted- Red screen Cool down time – made it shorter

Last but not least a small video preview. Forgive me as I am still adjusting to the new game play it almost renders the game new.


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2 replies

  1. Where do i download this awsome mod?
    Also is there any way you could fix the Fov permantly with a hex editor instead of having to type in the fov in the console all the time.


    • Well there is no where to download it just yet because its not finished still a bit of work to try and break these forced mechanics. It will be here though and possibly moddb if it goes smooth.

      Ahh yes I planned to try something for the fov actually.


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