1997 was gaming’s best year! (To Me)

Hello 1997 I just want to say hi, how is it going I am feeling nostalgic tonight. I was born in 1989 and I played all the earlier games even if I wasn’t the best at first lol I remember struggling. I played Doom, Rott, Duke 3D all the greats before this time. But 1997 people think about it. Let me list a few games to make you understand just what I am saying is not just to say 97′ is the best. I hope I can explain what I mean. You will see that in this time games were competitive and all companies were bringing something to the table. It was about delivering a game that people would remember not just about the money. Therefore all “DLC” was included at these times. I’m not against DLC content I just think they are utilizing today’s tech and its especially good if they make a new SP campaign mode. But in this day games really delivered as much as they could upon release. This isn’t in any particular order.

1.) Turok Dinosaur Hunter


2.) Super Mario 64


3.) Duke Nukem 64

64display with kamikaze

4.) Goldeneye 007


5.) One Unit Hole Blood


6.) Diddy Kong Racing


7.) Doom 64


8.) Quake 2



9.) Crash Bandicoot 2

crashbandicoot 2

10.) Yoshi’s Story


The list could go on and on trust me but its easy to see that the developers of this time really pushed it for success and consumer interest.  That’s why in today’s world I follow who I believe puts heart, deep thought, and even a little money into there projects. They gave it all they got to create how the gaming world is now and these games.. well there still enjoyable and it doesn’t seem like it would be ending soon. Even if we have to play it on the N64 its worth the time to some of us.

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