Doom 3 Level Editor Documented notes

6-17-2016 7:00 pm

This is not perfect its just some notes I write while learning the Doom 3 editor. This list will be updated and probably more organized. I go through so many editors if I don’t write it down I will end up confused 😉 So I have decided to document the steps I go through while learning yet another level editor.

Hot keys:

Press ctrl+tab to switch which way you view the rooms in the graph. Cycle between top, side, and front views.

Press Esc to clear selections.

Select a brush- hold down shift+left click. Can also use to select multiple brushes.

Delete a brush- Backspace.

Copy brush- Space bar.

Alt+shift+tab – switch between brushes individually.

RED FOGSX: Btw if you press i, you can see all items on the map and directly select them, that´s really cool.

Camera Movement:

Arrow keys= Look up, down, and side to side.

D and C keys= Moves camera up and down.

A and Z keys= Rotates view up and down.

Middle mouse click on the grid to move your camera view quickly to a specific spot.

Hold Ctrl + Middle mose button to move camera around at will.

Ctrl+ Middle mouse on the camera to move it manually.


Top button keys “x, y, and z” Choose which axis you want to scale this allows you to scale on specifics.

Rotation button- flip brushes however you want.

Hollow tool- Cuts out a room shape in a brush that you select.

  • Lines may overlap, if so move them accordingly no lines should be crossing.

Brush setting tab:

  • Can change the shape or dimensions of your brush.
  • Can add more faces or sides to your brushes.


Hold left shift to selecet the brush you want to texture. Then go to your inspector window on the editor. Here you can find your textures in the media directory. Click there go to textures and well choose a texture.

Press S= Surface inspector: stretches/resizes textures.

Player Start:

Right click the grid and go to “info”

Choose which type of player start you need.


Right click the graph and go to “light” you can edit how the light is by press j.

J=Light editor

Caution= Keep lights inside walls at all times map will fail to compile with them outside anywhere.


2016-06-18 (15)

6-18-2016 12:45 am


It was tough to get it right. I had to create a “maps” folder inside of the doom 3/base folder. Then I had to save the file mutiple times before it finally was ready to accept the bsp to go through.

We need to build the map using the BSP button. This builds the map to be game ready.

In order to launch your map you need to press F2=Play test.

This will bring up the main menu. Now you need to open console. Ctrl+alt+~ then type “map yourmapname” My map is saved in the correct spot as doom3_64 so I must type “map doom3_64” and hit enter. (Don’t include quotations)

Saving your map in the correct place is highly important okay doom 3/base/maps

The bsp won’t create if your map is not saved correctly. Even if it takes a few saves just keep at it. This might help

2016-06-18 (20)


6-18-2016 3:30 AM

Looks like the setup and basics are down:

I wasn’t going to go to sleep until I got this fully ready for a day of mapping some on fathers day 🙂

6/19/2016 3:03 P.M

In 3D mode holding down Ctrl+ left click you can adjust brushes heights and even use this to slope floors.


Placing weapons and monsters is really easy right click on the 2D graph and select accordingly.



Building a room:

Though I already did this I did have something planned out for this one in specific. Building rooms is not the same as we know it with older editors like the build engine and doom builders. Here we are dealing with 3D models of course. Well you have to create a brush in 2d mode then texture it. Sounds similar but it can be a bit of learning curve if you have never touched them.

Notice how I have a highlighted wall in my 3D cam mode and one of the brushes is highlighted on the 2D visual.

2016-06-19 (4)

Well lets move our brush over some and see what it does. (We are just using a thin wall here)

Also, notice how the floor and the ceiling need brushes also.

2016-06-19 (2)

2016-06-19 (3)

To create brushes its easy just click and drag a square shape on the 2D grid. You can change all types of things on each brush. Here I just made it thinner so it can be a wall.

2016-06-19 (6) 2016-06-19 (7)

6/20/2016 1:00 AM

Some random shots from some progress today:



6/20/2016  3:30 PM

Creating a door:

Create a brush re scale it and make it a door size.

While your door brush is selected go to the entity tab and write “lip”


Right click inside the door brush on the 2d graph and select func-func_door

2016-06-20 (1)

Door should work.

More settings to mess with to get the specific type of door you want.

Make sure the ceiling is above the door always.

6-20-16 10 pm

Random note:

View tab>cubic clipping makes it so you can see the hole map at once rather then seeing the visibility clipping. Which I imagine was to help keep frame rates high.

This is going to really come in handy if I get stuck with any special effects, shout out to the person who made this map here


Small update some photos

20160620195428_1 20160620191939_1 20160620193908_1


Tried to make monsters spawn no luck yet.

Learned much about architecture

Press V on a brush while its selected to activate vertices mode!

Update on the map





How to make a demon spawn!

Learned how to get a demon to spawn thanks to researching an active Doom 3 mapper. HellKnightX thanks a ton. Seems I was missing a step or possibly was doing it in the wrong order.



Started on a new room in the map.



Took a long break here been so busy

Hell Knight showed me how to place emitters and models! Thanks a ton and here is how.


HellKnight: To place props create a func_static and with the newly created function selected hit “n” then go to “model” in the entity property window.Select a model for your needs and hit “OK” in the dialog window.Now if you can’t see the actual model in the editor,hit space to clone the function,now you should see the function now has proper model that you put.You can place any non moving object in the game this way.


HellKnight: To place fires,smokes,electric arcs or any other eye candy particle effect,place a “func_emitter” in your map and with it selected go to “Entity” window and hit “Particle…” button.It takes a while to open the dialog window,now if it opens you select a particle and hit “OK” button.Now the function should have a blue skeletal box around it.If you can’t see it; with it selected, hit space to clone the function.You should see the thing I said now.The particle effect you selected will always be moving to the arrow the function has.I hope this will help 🙂



Returning small updates and extra tips:

2-11-17 Slowly going back into this. I have now discovered some of the modding side with Doom 3. I will be making slight adjustments to the base game to make Doomguy faster and the game to have more of an arcade fast feeling.  The levels will be small and feature lots of backtracking like classic levels.

Some Random Tips From HellknightX aka KILIÇARSLAN:

KILIÇARSLAN: if you want, I can give random tips at random times ;).If you want a light model to go on and off with a flickering light accordingly, first select the light entity then light model and press “shift + k” to combine them.Now the model should have green color and when you try to select only light or only the model, they will both get selected.
KILIÇARSLAN is now Away.
Sixty Four: Oh hell yeah of course this is okay to send tips over. I’m making slow progress on this one but I’m still doing it. I decided I will do some of it now. Thanks a lot and I’m gonig to mess with it now and see if I can get it to do that 🙂
KILIÇARSLAN is now Online.
KILIÇARSLAN: You can edit your ragdolls’ poses in your map to your likings.Here is how : First, right click on the grid and select a env_ragdoll entity from env menu.Place it in a room, save and compile.Open your map and type “g_dragentity 1”, click and hold on the ragdoll to move it to a position you want with the mouse.You can select any point on the ragdoll.When you are done positioning your ragdoll type “saveragdolls” in the console and reload the map in the editor without saving or changing anything.Now you will see the ragdoll in the place and position you made.
KILIÇARSLAN: When you test these,I will send more 🙂
KILIÇARSLAN is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
Sixty Four: I also have a question about the brushes. I know I can edit them and slope them and uses different shapes and stuff but I didn’t know if there was also a way to.. Example turon a brush into a Z shape.
Sixty Four: Turn a brush into a Z shape*
KILIÇARSLAN: You can easily create a Z shape with 3 brushes.But a single brush can’t have a concave hull.Brushes are convex and must be.
KILIÇARSLAN: You can also use patch meshes,cylinder meshes,cones and bevels to create very complex shapes and curves.
KILIÇARSLAN: You can create pipes,cables,curved corners,archways with this way.
Sixty Four: Thank you I figured we couldn’t do concaves good wording. But was curious if I was missing it. But yeah using more than one brush can help. I will have to try out patch meshes
KILIÇARSLAN: Create a brush and go to “Patch” menu and select “Simple Patch Mesh…”.Brush will turn into a patch mesh after you applied a patch density.You can bend the mesh by going into vertices mode by pressing “V” on your keyboard.When you press it,patch mesh will have pink control points.You click and move them to bend it.
KILIÇARSLAN: Here some good tutorials for starting :


Video Incoming:



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