System Shock Night Dive Studios

System Shock is Back! Almost.. there is a free demo up on the steam page now from Night Dive Studios.

This game seems like its really headed in the perfect direction for System Shock. There is of course room for improvement but this is a really early part of development. I think its smart to let the fans try it out really early so they can get good feedback now while the game is under development. Instead of doing it a month before release.


I like to support our classics as much as I can as long as they show promise and this game seems promising to me.


(Some of the dead crewman reminded me of Resident Evil 0 zombies I love RE 0)

The demo consist’s of one small yet big part of the game the starting point. I really like the atmosphere here its dark, smokey, lonely, bloody, and the colors really pop. So far it seems they’re not afraid to add some color in the game. The level stay’s very true to the original classic game it does it very well I might add. I like the thriller sounds that play when you come across the first humanoid. Who looks quite similar to the originals I think the face model is done well there is some nice details on the face to prevent from looking so generic. The sound he makes gave me some goosebumps! The Sparq Beam has a nice feel to it, it feels like it has some power behind it and if you know System Shock then you know this is good. All the weapons felt like they had a certain kick to them. It has firing modes that you can switch between, one fires more of your ammo with a more powerful blast.  It seems to have rpg elements coming along to. I’m excited for this game.


The demo can be found here

Demo Humble bundle (no log in required):

Demo GoG:

Demo steam :

Check the kickstarter here:

Last but not least check out the physical copy mock of it!



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