Dine in Hell (Snapmap Doom 2016)


Dine in Hell

Map Name: Dine in Hell

Map ID: 9N7G9YCV

This is my second level for Snapmap and I must say I love the Hell themes a hole lot. This is a classic style of map and its only available to play in SP. I spent about two nights putting this together. The respawning enemies were giving me a headache as some of them won’t show up for some reason. Anyways, in this map you have the SP weapon wheel so be sure to change weapons around. I also took away the point and damage counters when you shoot enemies. That doesn’t mean you don’t get snap points for playing though it just doesn’t show you until its done. There are no checkpoints and there is back tracking. Collect the 3 keys and clean out and demonic presence. This map is more a long the lines of a classic map and I added a hole lot of pieces to the prebuilt rooms. So not everything is stock modules.

DIH thumb

Tonight you dine in Hell! Compliments to the chef.


Here are some photos of it





And of course a video if you don’t want to play Snapmap at least you can see it.

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