Diddy Kong Racing Editor Documentation

This will just be a document on the progress I make in this Diddy Kong Racing Editor and also something for me to look back on because I travel through different editors. I wont feel complete without having a Diddy Kong Racing map xD



//Diddy Kong Racing Editor//

Got the editor from the GoldenEye Vault check out the site.  http://goldeneyevault.com/index.php

Fun fact Diddy Kong Racing used the same engine as GoldenEye.

I needed the Correct version of the Diddy Kong Racing Rom which was very hard to access.

Version V1.0 is needed or the editor won’t work. Now I got the correct rom and I can load it up in the DKR Editor.


Go to choose rom that’s all we need to do there. (Write Rom just creates a new rom)


Back to the main editor screen.

File New: Visual Level must be the same the quick convert level


Now it takes you back to the main editor once its loaded. Looks like nothing has opened but we can use these “edit setup” to utilize the editor in different ways. But here lets choose the “Visual Editor”. It will initialize and then load a map.



//Visual Editor//

If you don’t see a map load up and see a black screen that means you need to locate the map in the grid using the control keys.


The Visual Editor is a 3D viewport to see your project.


Visual Editor Controls:







O= XYZ0 Position

C= Left Circle/Barrel Roll view

V= Right Circle/Barrel Roll view

Up Arrow Key= Look Down

Down Arrow Key=Look Up

Right Arrow Key= Look Right

Left Arrow Key: Look Left

F1 = Open Visual Editor Help

F3=Save As

You can change the editing modes and display modes by clicking on the words at the bottom. “Display Full level” is best!

Edit: Objects Mode/ Edit Portal BG/ Room Position

Display: Full Level / Room / One Room

Textures: High Res Textures/ Low Res Textures/ No Textures/ Wire Frame/ Solid Wire Frame


Right clicking anywhere brings up many options including placing new models. ….Making video

//Checkpoint Break//

Some updates and screens






Update: 1 year later I am back here and its time to really try and dig in now.



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