Turok Dinosaur Hunter Map Guide Rotating Models (Walls)

Okay here is the thing and you should read all of this guys how to get your wall models aligned in the Turok Game Editor.
You want to stay with toggle grid snapped on always make sure this is checked especially when you are doing walls


The walls in Turok like to coordinate with each other, think 90 degree angles at all times for walls. (There are ways to improvise. Using pillars to fill in the blanks in tight spots that won’t line up.)

If you stay in 90 degree angles you won’t get this issue. (However some of the weirder larger models have weird angles) I’m talking walls here strictly.

I mean you could set one wall to 87 and line one edge up and possibly the next but its going to effect it down the line somewhere and throw you off. Keep to 90 degree angles 90, 180, 270, 360. Even negative numbers work and will be needed -90, -180, – 270, and -360. You won’t need to go past 360.

But look at this wall I have it straight as hell xD Check it out its a -90 degree angle. That’s the only line you need to edit unless you are trying to spin the thing sideways xD

Now check out the -80 degree angle

3 things to keep in mind when rotating models.

1.) When entering a new angle into the transform rotation/yaw space you must press enter or it won’t change the angle. Always press enter after you enter a number.

2.) Always keep to 90 degree angles with walls

Here is your map back btw I attached it back below even made it so your map will run in test play. Just hit the test button you should spawn at least.

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