Turok 2 SoE Mapping Editor Guide (Creating a Jump Pad)

First find the Jumppad Prefab in your actors list under the ‘misc” category.

Create a square sector around the perimeter of the jumppad.

Then we need to give those sector regions the correct properties. In the properties select:


Allow Player Control

Stay in Current

Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of the jumppad actors properties. There is a jumppad control section:

Jump Pad Position : Controls where the jump pad will transport you.

Jump Pad Height: How high the jump pad will bounce you. (This can add an arch to your jump pad route)

Jump Pad Time: This just controls how fast you move during the jump. And must be set to at least a value of 1 or it will block your way and cause a bug.

Getting the jump pad position.

Well if you have tagged your jump pad correctly there will be blue lines showing you where your jump pad goes. You have to add the x, y, z position. Its really easy to get a position on a map. Just use your view point and look at the spot you want to jump to and at the bottom of the editor it will give you the position.

To get the best results for the position try to look directly down at the sector the closer you get the better the accuracy of the position grid.

Good Luck.

Additional Info:

Sometimes when necessary we must select these sector/region properties on the sectors Turok will travel through during the jump. And tag them with : ‘Allow player control’ and ‘Stay In Current’.

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