Turok 2 Editor Basics Get Started and let’s build a room Guide

This guide is just to help better understand the Turok 2 Editor. I will go much more into depth here soon going over each section. I will also be updating each section to get more into detail. Enjoy hope it helps

Opening the Editor:

When you have Turok 2 EX started open the console by pressing ~ and type kexstudio


WASD: Forward, side to side, and backwards movement

Hold left click: A more focused: forward, side to side, and backwards movement

Hold Right click+ Move mouse: View angles and look up and downward

Left Click+Right Click: Move up and down

Ctrl+Left Click: Select an Object (depending on what mode you are in it will select the mesh, actor, or sector/reigon.

Ctrl+Shift+Left Click: Select multiple objects at once

Delete: While an object is selected pressing the delete key will delete

Esc: Deselect selected Objects

Hold Shift+ Move Mouse: Selects everything you highlight

Insert: While Mesh is selected in your model picker pressing Insert will place the model. Alternately you can right click anywhere on the map and choose Insert Mesh Here.


 : New/Load/Save (Choosing New Map crashes the editor atm?)

 : Wireframe Mode and Bird Eye (Top Down) View cam

: Hide Meshes/ Hide Fog/ Hide Sectors/ Hide Actors

: Mesh Mode/ Sector Mode/ Actor Mode

 Redraw Lights/ Render Light Maps/ Trace Reigons/ Grid Lock (Edward850 thanks for the heads up on the first button here)


The best thing to do to start a map is open up levels/custom/test-simple.map its a perfect starting map

Select a mesh and right click: Choose ‘Show Selected Mesh in Model Picker’ (This could help you when you are looking for specific meshes from a certain map.

If you are feeling sticky sectors you need to  set the ‘Camera Movement Scaler’ option located in a sectors properties make sure its set to 1.

Using standard copy and paste crashes the editor atm

Video Guide to Quickly build a playable room for T2: Before Copy and Paste hehe





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