Turok 2 SoE 2017 User Map Cavern-1 (Official Released)

Map was released 3-16-17

Cavern-1.map is a map that’s special to me personally. It was approved to be included into the official Turok 2 2017 release as a MP map. Which if you know me you know how much of an honor I look at that as. It felt like a reward but not at all just because it was included with a game, a map I made! But because its a real dream come true to be involved that way with such game what this game is to me. I say thanks to Nightdive Studios and the devs of this game for making this happen. You can check it out if you have the game on Gog or Steam.

This map is a mp map made for Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Ex (remaster 2017). I made this while learning the T2 editor I have to say I was very happy how it turned out. There was a point where I thought it was done, but Kaiser made a route suggestion and I think that motivated me to really make something epic while connecting areas.

Its a cave underground and the colors are teal green/orange red. I crafted the lights very specific to give that atmosphere. Some of the things that seem simple were indeed tough I created a lot of work around’s and a more realistic ceiling. I of course only used assets to the game itself. Took me about a month to put together. I tried to give the best illusion that you were underground by adding lots of pieces up high including tress and other stuff.

On launch day I did some recording.

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