Turok 2 SoE User Map/Mod- Fossil Cavern – Beta v1.0

Fossil Cavern is a SP map branched from the mp map Caverns-1 from Turok 2 SoE Ex(2017 remaster). I created that mp map with the thought of it still somehow working as a sp map later. With much more features.

  • Doom/Duke Nukem 3D style layout (collect keys to open the doors) you will need to collect the eagle feathers as keys. I made it so feathers are keys to open the doors. Explore the level find all the feathers and kill anything in the way!
  • Fireborn enemies which you don’t see often in the sp game.
  • Fireborn variants- Iceborn, Shockborn, and Bloodborn. Some of these enemies are still being worked on the Iceborn is the furthest along.
  • Much larger map, multiple new areas added on to better correspond with SP.
  • Faster shotgun speed (To keep up with the amount of enemies, I have sped up the shotgun fire speed).
  • See Oblivion monsters in scenes you never seen them before deep in the caverns.
  • Occasional spawned enemies to help guide your way and keep up a pace that’s set.
  • Bind a taunt key that makes you say BOO whenever you want (open console or edit the cfg file and type this on: bind v “PlayMpTaunt”)
  • Much more


Tal’Set seeks to make peace with the enemy known as the Fireborns. They have extended there family roots introducing Iceborns (Icelord), Shockborns, and Bloodborns. A darkness is shadowing The Lost Land. Turok is not the only one aware. The Fireborns have reached out to Turok to meet them in an unknown location. Somewhere deep in a Cavern. Turok knows it could be an ambush but he must make peace with enemies to stop a darker force. Oblivion is back and this time it threatens all life forms in The Lost Land. Possessing those who even see the shadows. The Fireborns offer there peace treaty ally partnership in exchange for cleaning there homes of the darkness. They understand that some of there members are already possessed. But this journey has only begun.


Coming Very Soon! And this post will be updated.


Things are really moving along the map is about 93% done here and possibly releasing Friday!

Update: 6-24-17 Possible release day

This level is only the start to a branch of levels. This level is actually a Hub but you don’t know yet. With updates I will add portals that activate after beating the level portal will open up in areas across the map where you find things you need and more Fireborns to slay and befriend.


Download from here: https://turoksanctum.com/fossil-cavern-v1/



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