Diddy Kong Racing Mod in Turok 2 WIP (Updated Post)

Two of my favorite games of all time mixed for the first time. I’m in love!

This is a mod for Turok 2 featuring many of the Diddy Kong Racing Maps. Its quite possible that i do them all but we will see. Here we go

Mp map made for raptor fest and it works very well actually- even to my surprise. There’s never a short of enemies just travel the race track on Ancient Lake.

If you use noclip you can find the little secret :))

Definitely more of these coming……………….

 Update 1: 7-1-17 1 AM EST:

Behemoth Programmer helped me get the sprites set up here and I can now place them around the editor. I spammed them just because- some cleaning will be done but it was fun placing them lol 🙂 Thank you!

Update: 7-3-17 12:45 AM EST.

This has moved more towards a team project me and Behemoth Programmer are working on this! Going to bring good things.

I just brought in the main hub level.

Behemoth made banana health, a barrel, and a DK coin pick up! More update info soon with pics.

Update 7-4-17 3:16 AM EST:

Got a couple more of the maps. They need some cleaning in blender but the hard part is over!

4 levels down!

Update: 7-5-17  1:26 AM

Just some screens of more levels/progress.

7/8/2017 Update.

Very big updates from me and behemoth will psot more about them soon.

The DKR hub in Turok!


behemoth brought in some goods 😉

Fossil Canyon more views:

Update 7-10-2017 1:21 AM

More maps ready to be played! Looks like this mod will releasing with nearly the entire first Hub “Dino Domain”.

Jungle Falls:

Hot Top Volcano:

1 Extra pic: Jungle Falls

V1 will feature 6 maps from Diddy Kong Racing in Turok 2 !

Update 7/11/17 1:13 AM EST

Getting a lot closer to a V1 release.

Update 11-25-17 // Back at it

Added a few snow levels! Everfrost Peak, Walrus Cove, and Frosty Village. Partial Snowball Valley. Still some work to do on each additional level but they’re coming along. + some silly stuff

Everfrost Peak:

Frosty Village:

Walrus Cove

Paint the snow green:

These levels are pretty tough to export. They do not export in one piece. It can be from 3-6 exports to get entire tracks. You edit them in blender and they piece up and I export them as full models then. After that a lot of sprites like balloons and other actors like zippers seem to leave textures on the models, so lots of cleaning xD But Snowball valley is coming soon.

And have some bonus silly pics for the hell of it LOL.


Info for myself: Scale to 40 in Fireseed and than 64 in turok 2.

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