Diddy Kong Racing Mod in Turok 2 WIP (Updated Post)

Two of my favorite games of all time mixed for the first time. I’m in love!

This is a mp map made for raptor fest and it works very well actually- even to my surprise. There’s never a short of enemies just travel the race track.

If you use noclip you can find the little secret :))

Definitely more of these coming……………….

 Update 1: 7-1-17 1 AM EST:

Behemoth Programmer helped me get the sprites set up here and I can now place them around the editor. I spammed them just because- some cleaning will be done but it was fun placing them lol 🙂 Thank you!

Update: 7-3-17 12:45 AM EST.

This has moved more towards a team project me and Behemoth Programmer are working on this! Going to bring good things.

I just brought in the main hub level.

Behemoth made banana health, a barrel, and a DK coin pick up! More update info soon with pics.

Update 7-4-17 3:16 AM EST:

Got a couple more of the maps. They need some cleaning in blender but the hard part is over!

4 levels down!

Update: 7-5-17  1:26 AM

Just some screens of more levels/progress.

7/8/2017 Update.

Very big updates from me and behemoth will psot more about them soon.

The DKR hub in Turok!


behemoth brought in some goods 😉

Fossil Canyon more views:

Update 7-10-2017 1:21 AM

More maps ready to be played! Looks like this mod will releasing with nearly the entire first Hub “Dino Domain”.

Jungle Falls:

Hot Top Volcano:

1 Extra pic: Jungle Falls

V1 will feature 6 maps from Diddy Kong Racing in Turok 2 !

Update 7/11/17 1:13 AM EST

Getting a lot closer to a V1 release.




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