Doom User Maps To Turok 2 Mod (Updated Post)


I have challenged myself to make  map like this until 7-14-17 Friday. I started Monday 7-10-17. I’m only doing this for fun without a care in the world but the plan is to make a fast quick level that still proves visual enjoyment and decent detail around the maps. But only giving myself the day. Keep in mind I work most the day so these have to be extra quick but I think I can make a decent map quickly.

I created each of these Doom maps from scratch in one day each- and ported them to Turok the same day! In a way I’m speed mapping but that’s not the task here. There will surely be more of these, this is to much like home when it comes to building and thanks to Fireseed it really helps me! Basically what I’m doing is using the Doom editor making a map from scratch and then turning that into a level for Turok 2 by adding the needed things in the Turok 2 editor to the map. Like actors, sectors, lights, and stuff like that. I used GZDoom Builder and Doom 64 Retribution.

Map Title: Green Demon

The first map uses textures from Doom 2 the base game assets only- I made the map fairly quick and simple but there are some nice little things and its great for raptor fest. I made the map in about 20 minutes basically it just happened where I want to challenge myself to make really fast levels but still having some good design in it also. I hope so at least hah. Its really fun doing this and this is only the start.

Map Title: Sacred Place

The second map is made with Doom Builder today and uses Doom 64 textures it was another quick map but I made this one a bit more detailed than the first. I used Doom 64 Retribution in Doom Builder to make my levels. Definitely see more of these Doom 64 maps to come.

More Info:

More coming soon! I’m challenging myself to make a decent map everyday until Friday like this. Hahah I don’t know about it but hey I will try a bit.

More will become of this. I could put Turok textures in Doom that way I could build maps with Turok assets also. This is definitely the start to something that’s going to last for me though. Am excited.


Update 7-12-17 11:59 PM EST

That was a close one but I made it! Just 30 seconds to go. So the challenge remains on my watch! here we gooo.

Map Title: Hell 64

This one took a bit longer and there’s more details. I’m sensing a trend. It’s like the more maps I get in the more detailed they become. I got to slow down lol. This ones bigger. I’m very proud of this one.

Update 7/13/17 9:11 PM EST

Somehow I maaged to make another one. This one is a bit smaller but I think the creative idea totally makes up for that. Most of the work had to be done with tricks in Gzdoom and using blender to remove surfaces. That was the tough part. So this map is special in its own way.

Map Title: Voided Infantry

Will I make it to Friday 😮 I don’t know! lol.

Update 7-14-17 7:38 PM

Okay I was a bit low on energy today with a big day at work. Its not mind blowing but its definitely fun and a decent layout. I could use it to build something crazy on it. Its a good base.

Map Title: Horror Story

Next time I will make a map not in one day and make a map with all the details I would add normally. These maps are a bit vanilla but they have there own special things imo. If anything something very special could be built from them adding to it. But this was just a fun challenge if you followed this hope you enjoyed me enjoying mapping. I love making level and seeing them in action.

I will update this with a release and updates later. Enjoy seeya soon.





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