Doom 2016- 6.66 Patch Impressions & Play 2017

I have been missing the times of playing this game and I thought this was the perfect reason to fire it up again. The update pretty much turned the game into the GOTY Edition and went on sale for 15$. There is still some time left now. The deal ends on July 27th 2017.

Doom on Steam on sale:

Anyways, I’m just giving some of my impressions. As I never purchased all the DLC content I got to see a few new things. I have been quite busy with many other things. But I have racked up about 180 hours on DOOM so far. I never could set it down. One of my most played games on steam.

When I decided to play again it was definitely a good choice, I enjoyed every minute of playing this. Doom proving once again to me -for the 100th time- how good this game is imo. I played with many of my buddies.

The grenade launcher weapon is awesome I absolutely love it, and replaced the RPG in my loadout with it. I never thought I would remove the RPG but yeah it fits me more. Now I go grenade launcher and super shotgun. This weapon is not for everyone the splash damage doesn’t effect as much as a direct hit its not exactly like the rpg. But it also has its own advantages including a smoke cloud shot good for getting out of a situation.

The map Boneyard is very very good its another gem and its amazing. I personally haven’t really seen anything much like it. To me it was like Alice in Wonderland just fell down the rabbit hole into hell, I really enjoyed and its stunning. There are other levels I really like also like the Offering and many more of the dlc levels. They are stunning!

Which brings me to one of my letdowns of this game as of now. I would really like it if the models and assets from the DLC content be used on snapmap! It would be killer to see what snapmappers can come up with using this stuff. I myself would definitely use it as an excuse to go make some more content. This needs to be in snapmap! DLC content assets in snapmap! I would also like to see more music options in Doom snapmap. Like hire Aubrey Hodges or Bobby prince. or the likes of EGT and Andrew Hulshult. Give us some classy music also. Those aren’t really big issues but it would be really nice to see that stuff in snapmap.

All around I had a great time and I will continue to play still after this. I got to play with my buddies from other games teaming up again it was very fun. Doom has come a very long way since its initial release. If you don’t buy Doom in full for only $14.99 you are missing out!

Here are two more videos from this weekend.



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