Turok Winter Map WIP (quick mod) -updated post-

12-16-17 – Start Date

Out of the spur of the moment and inspiration from two Turok winter/xmas theme maps I decided to try and make a winter/xmas themed map. Its a bit late to start now! Time is ticking. And I must go pretty fast I started this today and will only have a few hours to work today. If I don’t finish I will release next year. If I do release then the mod will just be updated next year for more! Since that would give me real time to make proper progress.

Made a bunch of textures snow textures, canyon wall icey texture, blueish ice tree/bush textures, and vine textures. I have to get the main stuff prepared before I can start building the map.

Another alt tree texture with jerry rigged xmas lights on it. And the Iceraptor!

Not sure what the map will come out to be yet building as I go with a slight village/town in an cliffy jungle in mind.

12-17-17 – Update:

Made progress on the map and more texture edits to help fit the snow and icey atmosphere and added custom plaques.

12-18-17 – Update

Much more level progress!

I made something special and epic for it.


12-19-17 – Update

Really worked on the map to make more progress today. Added a whole new area that has cliffs and ledges, more details to the map, and about 50% sectors for the map!


12-20-17 Update

More winterized monsters!! and 90% done with sectors.

12-23-17 Update

(I couldn’t work much on my mod the previous days) Created my own actor and gave it a specific script to be a pick up. Behemoth Programmer helped me make my pick up speed the player up for a certain amount of time (thanks very much). The actor I made is the Super Mario 64 star model! I also created a brand new lifeforce(treasure) pickup which is Turok’s head, that equals 1 life(100 treasures). Finished the maps sectors and gave the T-rex new breath fire! The map is almost ready to go but there’s little time left…

new secret too!

More to come…

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