Winter Turok -Turok Dinosaur Hunter Mod/Map

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I got inspiration from the two winter maps that were made this year. I didn’t have plans to make something. I recorded the Iced Lost Land and that really motivated me to make something of my own. But I did start this a bit too late here (not enough time to get all ideas). I will update this mod next year with more. This was a lot of fun, trying to winterize things naturally and build all of this for the holiday. With more time a lot more can go into this one in the future.


1 New map in a winter atmosphere. The map got bigger than planned. Collect 3 keys to open the exit portal.

New Pick up/Model: Turok’s head is a pick up and it gives you 1 life

New Pick up/Model: Super Mario 64 Star. It speeds the players speed up for about 30 seconds and goes back to normal after that time. (Behemoth Programmer helped me through making my pick up change my players ‘speed’ for a ‘set time’. Thanks! for taking a moment that was pretty tough appreciate that.)

New Textures: Most of the textures are the base games textures but I winterized them to look frosty/icy. (Diddy Kong Racing textures mainly used to help me blend with Turoks to look icy some Banjo snow textures also).

T-Rrex as a normal enemy: Behemoth Programmer’s T-rex Normal enemy is used here. I just customized him some to my own needs. But its BP’s script that he made for my Ancient Jungle bday map!. (Thanks)

Some other scripts for the level and more….


There has been tales that there is a place where life found a way, Dinosaurs and other creatures have easily adapted to frozen weather. They appear differently now with mostly blueish tints. We can’t find out if it is a camo mechanism, that’s what it appears to be. But the T-rex even has blue flames now and even fire has changed color. There’s something at work here…. These enemies have learned to adapt like chameleons to there surroundings. Turok has to explore this old holiday retreat to clean up the infestation of ‘monsters’ as some would say. There’s a big one located somewhere…


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