Gliese Boneyard

Author: Sixty Four

Date: Febuary 8, 2019

Category: DKR Levels

Level: Jungle Falls, Icicle Pyramid


Title : Gliese Boneyard
Date Completed : 1-27-2019
Replaces Level: : Icycle Pyramid and Jungle Falls
Filename : DKR-Gliese-Boneyard-504b.xdelta
Author : Sixty Four
Email Address :

Description :
Battle Track and small race track
Takes place on the planet Gliese 504 b.
The race is just something I made really quick out of the battle track.
There wasn’t supposed to be a race this is mostly about the battle test track.

Additional Credits :
SubDrag for creating the editor
Carnivorous for updates to the editor
Mosky2000 for amazing music tips
Rareware and its individuals for making these amazing games.

  • Play Information *

Race Type: : Battle Track/Standard Race
Adventure Mode : Yes
Tracks Mode : Yes
Multiplayer : Yes
Silver Coin Challenge : Yes (on the race) No (battle map)
New Sound : Level name sound
New Music : Yes midis from TMNT IV on snes
New Textures : No
Vehicle(s) : Car
Emulator Compatible : Yes
N64 Compatible : Yes Everdrive 3.0 tested (Should work on any)

  • Construction *

Editor(s) used : DKR Setup Editor, Blender.
Known Bugs :

Important Notes :

Installation : Apply a xdelta patch to the xdelta file and run the rom on your choice.

Categories: Diddy Kong Racing, My Maps

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