Games I’ve worked on Levels For

I’ve never done this before. But just for some outlook view for me. I put together a list of games I’ve made levels for now. And it even kind of surprises me. But I’m not done. I feel like I’m missing some but here it is. Most of these games I have multiple levels for. But this is my list as of now. I’d like to expand the detail of this list and give info on each and what was done. But it’s just for fun real fast.

Duke 3D, Diddy Kong Racing, Doom 64, Super Smash 64, DNF11, DNF01, Turok 1, Turok 2, Blood, Doom 2, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Mickeys Speedway, Shadow Warrior, Quake 1, Pokémon Snap, Zelda OOT, Mario 64, Snapmap Doom 16,Jetforce Gemini, and custom UE4 maps.
Unreleased atm: Doom 3 and Wolf RTCW.

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