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Wang Nukem

This is pretty much the first level of Shadow Warrior “Seppuku Station” It is not exact, seeing as some of the things are not the same so I know it’s not perfect. For example , not using the remote control… Read More ›


Turok map is based off of my memories of playing Turok (especially the N64 versions) and not a specific map. Turoks homeland has been taken over by aliens the government say’s it is to risky to send soldiers in to… Read More ›

Mean Streets

A map that takes place in a grungy city at night that has been taken over by aliens, with a Duke Nukem visits Baltimore type of feel. Duke plans to check in on his house he owns in the city… Read More ›

Ghost Town

A map somewhat based from the single player level Ghost Town featured in Duke Nukem Forever and Zero Hour. Nothing is an exact duplicate and is all made by me. Features a house named “Gun Crazy” (which is somewhat a… Read More ›