Turok map is based off of my memories of playing Turok (especially the N64 versions) and not a specific map. Turoks homeland has been taken over by aliens the government say’s it is to risky to send soldiers in to help a fellow hero since it is in an uncharted area and they are unaware to what dangers lie ahead. Duke loads his pistol and says “Go ahead make my day” as he begins a mission only he can do. Duke wont let this happen to a fellow hero.

Duke Nukem:Dinosaur Hunter (Level 1)

Single Player : The map is different then normal maps. It is a strate forward type of map with vertical gameplay this gameplay was built on purpose to feel like an adventure/journey of traveling from one place to another like Turok.

Co op: Supports 8 players

Tester : bullerbuller7 (special thanks)

Music : Turok Dinosaur hunter main theme

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