Wang Nukem


This is pretty much the first level of Shadow Warrior “Seppuku Station” It is not exact, seeing as some of the things are not the same so I know it’s not perfect. For example , not using the remote control cars. Instead I have added my own ways in which you would follow the same route/path as you normally would to complete the level. I also have added many of my own additions that make the map more eye popping. I think i did a well enough job on the textures to make you feel like you are in Shadow Warrior hehe. I was planning for a DM but thought I should definetly add the SP/COOP to it to, so aliens are placed! Duke is Wanging it

Single Player: is best if you want to kill some aliens in Lo Wang’s part of town. Although some things are not exactly the same the gameplay is merely the same. Difficulty levels 1-3

Coop: Good for 8 players , there will be a few more weapons since I placed them for a good dm nothing crazy though.

DM: Good for 8 players “It’s time to make tracks”

Testers : bullerbuller7, MrRumbleRoses, and Venom Duke

Music : Seppuku Station midi

I also used some new sounds from Duke64

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