Exporting Turok Dinosaur Hunter models as hole objects

TDH GUIDESa_models-1

This is not much different at all from getting all nodes. I just didn’t want to make that guide to long. This will get you the model as one object instead of in nodes. The differences compared to all nodes will be highlighted green

1.) Go inside your game.kpf

2.) Open the models folder and pick the model you want. (Here in my example I will just use the knife)

3.) Make a copy of the .bin file

Here I am copying my choice dyn_knife.bin

4.) Paste the copy of the .bin file directly into Turoks game directory.

5.) Launch Turok and at the main menu open the console by pressing the ~ key.

6.) In the console you need to type exportanimobj (then insert your file name) and hit enter

Example for me using the knife I must do:

exportanimobj dyn_knife.bin (hit enter)

(be sure to put a space between exportanimobj and your model choice)

7.) Once you do this you can exit the game and in your Turok folder directory (steam or gog) you should have the file and models ready for view in your choice of software. (I use blender and misfit 3d.) They should be in your folder like this after the console command. Notice how this way it does not have “node” written in the file name. This means you have the model as one.

This obj file can be opened in most model software.

Since we did exportanimobj we will have access to the model as a hole. This time we will show the example in misfit 3d modeler and use the raptor instead of the knife just for fun.

If you want control over the model in pieces go to this guide. http://www.turokforums.com/t1-moddinguser-content/exporting-turok-dinosaur-hunter-models-(all-nodes)/

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