Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Winter Turok -Turok Dinosaur Hunter Mod/Map

Turok Sanctum Post and Info/download: https://turoksanctum.com/winter-turok/ Turok Sanctum Download: https://turoksanctum.com/download/winter-turok/ Turok Forums Release Thread: http://www.turokforums.com/t1-moddinguser-content/(release)-winter-turok/ Steam Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1244246522 Info: I got inspiration from the two winter maps that were made this year. I didn’t have plans to make something. I recorded the Iced… Read More ›

Serious Turok

Serious Turok is a mod that adds more dinosaurs, monsters, weapons, ammo, map changes, and more detail to the original maps. In an attempt at making it hectic like Serious Sam games. But not identical. I’m only done with level… Read More ›