Turok Dinosaur Hunter Mapping User Interface

Let’s first go over the User Interface.

I know! all these buttons what do they do?! Well let’s go over that real quickly. Its actually quite like Doom Builders Interface in a way. Especially Doom Builder 64. If you read all of this you will understand all of the buttons.


Starting in order I will go over each icon.

easy : First 3 are simple create a new map, open a map, or save a map. Those are easy!


objicon : Obj Icon: I haven’t touched this myself very much and won’t go into depths. But what it does is extract certain areas of the map as an obj file. Which is a model file that works with this game. Or other games. Very common model file at times

wireframeicon : Wireframe mode: I didn’t need to use this at all making a map. But it does turn actors into a white line while meshes are blue. Maybe it could be used to quickly see through the hole map if you’re looking for something specific on your map.

orthomodeicon : Ortho Mode: Birds eye view mode good for aligning floors and other walls with flat tops. Its also good for moving something across the hole map quickly!

hideshowmeshicon : Hide static meshes: This toggles meshes to show and not show. This can be very useful when you’re using sector mode and maybe a mesh is blocking your views.

hideshowfogicon : Hide Fog: Easy simple get rid of the fog that would be seen while playing your map and for easier view while mapping. I stay with this off!

hideshowsectoricon : Hide Sectors: This toggles sectors to show and not show. I don’t see much purpose for this as you can only see sectors while in sector mode. . But I didn’t need it once while mapping. I suppose it could help you find misplaced vertices!

actormodethingsmode-icon : Hide Actors: This toggles Actors to show or not show. It is also a good thing to use in case any monsters or pick ups are blocking your view while doing sector mode in tight spots.

Now the important ones! xD

meshmode : Mesh mode: Place floors, walls, trees, details like vines, and almost every piece that goes on your map is a static mesh.

sectormodeicon : Sector Mode: Without sectors Turok won’t be able to walk on the meshes. The sectors set the boundaries and can become complex quickly for room over rooms and things of that nature.

actormodethingsmode-icon : Actors Mode (Things Mode) : This is how you place the player, pick ups, health, weapons, ammo, monsters, and even some atmosphere emitters like fire and smoke. Actors have actions.

togglesnapgrid-icon : Toggle Grid Snapping: This helps you stay on grid with your map when placing some objects. It can help a lot. You can also right click a highlighted mesh/actor and choose snap to grid.

drawdistanceiconDraw Distance scale: I do not mess with this I find it best to keep it right where its at.


playtesticonTest Play:  Test play your map!! Make sure you save your map first before testing changes.




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  1. I tryed to test my map but didnt loaded at all just a black screen.


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