Turok Dinosaur Hunter starting a map

The First thing you want to do is load map ” _default.map” it has two sectors and its a great way to begin a map. In fact its what it is made for. You don’t want to select “new map” you want to load _default.map to start.

I load this map _default.map which is included in Turok but I’ve uploaded here for easy access for you. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3zo6jtzd4k91nk7/_default.map

This map is perfect for starting a map. Because it is easier to use the existing ones then to create a new sector if there are no existing sectors. However it is also possible and I will go over how to do that soon.

_Default.map looks like this when you open it in the editor. Yes just a grass floor model and Turok.


But that is not it. If you go to sectors mode you can see that sectors are there! Turok can not travel beyond sectors. Turok can’t do anything without sectors pretty much and I imagine you wont get a correct spawn or test play without sectors. I will go over sectors more later. But if you don’t see any sectors on your map there is a way to create them! But I find it easier to start with a map that has them already^defaultsectors

Again you just need to load _default.map to start a map. This is just a detail version why and what not. Not much a guide. Hope it helps any.




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