Monster Actor Properties- Turok Map Editor Guide

How to make monsters and enemies work and attack.  (Starting with the basics I will update this list)

1.) Go into actors edit mode and cntrl+click the monster.

2.) Right click the selected monster and go to properties.

3.) Go to Spawn Flags 1 (Spawn Flags 2 and 3 will be needed for other monsters. There’s a lot of specific flags for all the different monsters.)


Basic Monster spawn flag selections:

Solid: Makes actor solid

Projectile attack 1/Projectile Attack 2: Good for enemies with weapons or any enemy that fires a projectile. Monsters are specific to them though, so if your monster isn’t firing any projectiles on projectile attack 1 try to use projectile attack 2 etc. While testing switch between them on different attacks to get the correct one.

Snap to Floor: Makes the enemy/monster stay on the floor even after death. You want to choose this one.

Cast Shadow: Cast’s a shadow for the monster

Use Strong Attacks: Makes enemy use the stronger attacks

Use Weak Attacks: Monster does weak attack

Hit ok and close the properties tab. Save map and now the monster will work.




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